It can grow in a variety of climatic conditions

Quinoa Health Benefits

It is also called the goosefoot plant.

Quinoa is a seed but also Canada Goose Coats On Sale a grain like pseudo canada goose factory sale cereal that is eaten. Since it does not belong to the grass family to which cereals belong it is a pseudo cereal. It is related to beets, spinach, swiss chard and tumbleweeds.

A native to Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Equador and Columbia. its cultivation goes back 3000 Canada Goose sale to 4000 years in time. However it has been growing in the wild for as long back as 5000 to 7000 canada goose clearance years as per archeological evidences.

Peru and Bolivia produce almost 99% of the world’s quinoa production between them.

Quinoa PlantThe plant is about 1 2 metres in height. It can grow in a variety of climatic conditions. The flowers are small and form a cluster. The leaves contain betacyanin pigments and for this reason they are seen Canada Goose Online in various colors like bright red, orange, pink, purple, tan and black. The leaves taste much like other members of the chenopod family, beet, spinach and chard.

The cooked seeds are creamy and fluffy in texture and crunchy. Also the seeds become translucent when cooked. They have a slight nutty flavor.

The entire plant is edible right from the leaves to the stem and seeds. The outer coating of the seeds contain the chemical saponin which is bitter and protects the Canada Goose Parka seeds from wild birds eating them.

When the seeds are to be consumed they are washed well canada goose uk outlet in water to remove the saponin canada goose which forms soap like suds. Commercially processed quinoa has been washed usually.

Quinoa can be cooked canada goose uk black friday just like rice. It can also be used as a breakfast cereal, mixed with an assortment of berries, nuts and canada goose black friday sale some honey. It can be also be used like cornflakes.

The seeds can be made into a flour and used much like wheat flour with the added advantage of it being free from canada goose clearance sale gluten and can thus replace wheat flour.

The seeds can also be germinated and eaten or they can be cooked with a variety of cheap Canada Goose other vegetables and consumed.

The leaves and stems can be cooked and eaten just like spinach and beets.

Quinoa Nutritional BenefitsQuinoa has a lot of nutritional benefits as it is a food with a high nutritive value. The antioxidant phytonutrients quercetin and kaempferol are found in very concentrated Canada Goose Jackets amounts in quinoa.

The protein content Canada Goose online in quinoa is almost the same as wheat; however quinoa scores in its protein profile, in that, it has all 9 essential amino acids, thus being termed canada goose store as uk canada goose outlet a source of complete protein.

Quinoa contains excellent amounts of dietary fiber and phosphorus. It has very good amounts of magnesium, folate, copper and iron. It is also a good source of calcium having almost twice as much of it than in wheat. Thus making it ideal for those who are lactose intolerant but need calcium.

It is also easy to digest and is gluten free. Because of the bitter saponin in the seeds’ outer coat they are processed buy canada goose jacket cheap to remove this before packing.

The leaves contain the pigment betanin.

Quinoa has various health benefits due to the following Canada Goose Outlet nutrients :

Different uk canada goose types of tocoferols, canada goose uk shop like, alpha, canada goose coats on sale beta, gamma and delta tocoferols. our web page canada goose outlet These are absent in other grainsFlavonoids quercetin and kaempferol.

Some omega 3 fatty acids and alpha linoleic acid (ALA).

Oleic acid, a mono unsaturated fat. The fat content is very high compared to most grains. Oleic acid makes up almost 25% cheap canada goose uk of the total fatty acids while ALA makes up about 8%.

A canada goose coats complete protein source with very good amounts of lysine and isoleucine, the 2 amino acids normally deficient in most grains.

Inspite of it being canadian goose jacket high in fat content than cereals like wheat, it is not easily oxidized due to the wide and diverse types of anti oxidants.

Boiling, steaming and simmering does not affect the nutritional quality much.

Allergy To QuinoaThough Quinoa is not a high allergy causing food, some people may be allergic to it. Some of the symptoms associated with this allergy may be : buy canada goose jacket.

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