Opponents of the deal had called for a boycott of the

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Hermes Handbags Ministry said: climate of nationalism and suspicion, daily fake news and extreme fanaticism unfortunately do not allow a sober assessment of the great benefits of the agreement.However, turnout in the referendum held Sunday was low. The figure was based on data from 85 per cent of polling stations.Opponents of the deal had called for a boycott of the referendum and were celebrating the low turnout, saying it was a clear message that Macedonians did not want to accept the name change.Prime Minister Zoran Zaev spoke after polls closed in Sunday hermes birkin replica australia vote. The referendum asked voters whether they backed a deal with Greece that would change their nation name to North Macedonia to pave the way for NATO membership.Weak turnout could make it harder for Zaev to muster enough support in parliament for constitutional amendments needed to finalize the deal Hermes Handbags.

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